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Membership Qualifications

Members are….
...appointed to the chaplaincy by a fire department agency
...endorsed by their religious body for ministry as a chaplain
...currently serving as a fire department chaplain.

Associate Members are….
...appointed to serve as a chaplain by a fire service agency but lack the ecclesiastical endorsement.
...former fire department chaplains who are not serving in that capacity
...individuals or groups that have an interest in and are supportive of the objectives and goals of the Indiana Fire Chaplains.


Our training

‣  Counsel and Support

‣   Chaplaincy Training

‣   Resources for Fire Depts.

‣   Memorial Services

‣   Disaster Response

‣   Victim & Survivor Assistance

Chaplains come from all kinds of ministry backgrounds. Some serve a firefighters and medics others are pastors in local congregations.

‣   Spiritual Care for 1st Responders

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